Book Buying Policy

Mr. Mike's Used Books is always interested in buying quality used books. We limit sellers to two boxes of books.

Book Buying Policy

Due to high volume, we must limit the number of books we are looking at every day.

  • If you have a small bag, approximately a dozen books, please feel free to bring them at any time.
  • For larger amounts, up to 2 boxes, please make an appointment at the front desk or over the phone.

Here's what you can expect when selling your books to us.


The condition of the books is important. We are always trying to improve the condition of our stock. It's the first thing we check on every book we buy.

If we pass on your books due to their condition, it's nothing personal. At some point every book becomes too worn for us to display and sell.

What We Buy

We buy used books that our customer want to buy. Almost any category is fine. Classic literature, science fiction, history, romance, self-help, children's books, westerns, business, mysteries, cookbooks, and parenting are just a few of our sections. There are dozens more! If we have a section for it in our store, we probably want more books in it.

What We Don't Buy

The list of items we don't buy is much shorter. We'll gladly look at anything you bring, but here are some items we're likely to pass on:

What Does the Book Buyer Do?

The book buyer will examine each of your books, and separate them into two stacks -- those we need, and those we don't. After determing the sales price of each book we need, you will receive two offers. One is the price we will pay for the books in cash, and the other is the price we will pay in trade credit. The trade credit offer will always be higher.

What is Trade Credit?

When you accept a trade offer on your books, you will receive trade credit. Trade credit is a gift certificate that can be used towards any book in the store. If you have enough trade credit, you can use it for your entire purchase!

You can trade fiction for nonfiction, westerns for romances, dog books for cookbooks. Anything you like. There are no restrictions on the books you can buy with trade credit. Gift certificates have no cash value, and they never expire.

What About the Books You Don't Want?

Unfortunately, we can't buy every book we see. We are highly selective. As space on our shelves becomes limited, we are becoming even more selective. Condition and subject matter are the most common reasons for us to reject a book. Our current stock situation is also important, as we try to avoid excessive duplication on our shelves.

Non-fiction Books

We have dozens on non-fiction sections spread throughout our store.

History, self-help, science, religion, education and biography are just a few.